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NAME Colin McGookin
ADDRESS 5 Finnis Road
Dromara BT25 2EJ Northern Ireland
TELEPHONE +44 (0) 28 9753 1349
MOBILE 07754 843774
EMAIL c_mcgookin@btinternet.com


2005 - Present: Arts Care Artist in Residence for Down and Lisburn area of The South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust .
2009-2013: External Examiner for Galway - Mayo Institute of Technology Galway and Castlebar campus.
2006-2007: Artist in Residence Devenish College Enniskillen for Kids Own Publishing Model Arts Centre Sligo.
2005-2008: Artist for the Creative Youth Partnerships Unlocking Creativity programme facilitating murals, animations etc in schools all over N.I.
September 2003 - June 2004: Sticky Fingers Smart Start Multi Media Arts Project as Facilitating Video Artist in Botanic Nursery School, Holy Cross Girls Primary School and Holy Cross Nursery School Belfast
2003 - 2004: Artist in Residence Institute of Byzantine Studies Queens University Belfast

November 2001-Present: Working full time as Self Employed Artist, Curator and Workshop Facilitator
August 1996 / October 2001: Queen Street Studios Belfast: Administrator.
May 1991 / July 1996: Lisburn Borough Council: Staff Member Harmony Hill Arts Centre.
1996 - 1997: Secondment to co-ordinate Voluntary Services Belfast / Play Resource Warehouse Multi Media Arts Training Course.
1988 / 1991: Full time Artist and part time teacher of art.
November 1987 / November 1988: Queens Film Theatre: Film Projectionist.
June / November 1987: Full time Artist.
December 1985 / June 1987: Arts Council of Northern Ireland: Temporary post to catalogue permanent art collection.
January / December 1985: Full time Artist.
May 1984 / January 1985: Production Designer on Independent Film by Frontroom Productions for Channel Four Entitled `Acceptable Levels'.
1983 - 1984: Queens University Belfast: Extra Mural Course in Television Production.
February 1983 / May 1984: Full time Artist.
September 1982 / February 1983: Arts Council of Northern Ireland: Exhibition Courier and Supervisor William Scott Retrospective Ulster Museum.
September 1981 / September 1982: Working full time as Artist.
June / September 1981: Belfast City Council Recreation Department: Commissioned to Design and Execute 2 wall Murals.
1976-1981: Ulster College of Art (now University of Ulster) 1981 B.A.(Honours) Fine Art


Founder member Artists Collective of N. Ireland (Limited) and on its board of directors 1981 - 1991, Chairperson 1984, Secretary 1990. Founder member Queen Street Studios (Limited) Belfast 1984 and on its board of directors 1984 - 1994 and 1997- 1999, Administrator 1996 - 2001. Northern Ireland representative on the executive committee of the Association of Artists in Ireland 1988-1991. Elected associate member of the Royal Ulster Academy 1989. Residencies at Tyrone Guthrie Centre Annaghmakerrig 1989 & 1990 (and many other shorter sojourns there 1981-present). Lecturer to educational establishments and arts societies including University of Ulster at Belfast, Queens University Belfast, University of Nevada Las Vegas and Claremont Business College Pomona California. Board member and director of the Crescent Arts Centre Belfast 1993-1997. Project initiator and co-ordinator `Beyond The Partitions - 10th anniversary of Queen Street Studios' 1993 (winner of 1st Prize AIB Better Ireland Award 1993) and `Millennium 123' (winner of major award from Millennium Commission 1999). Contributor of articles and reviews to CIRCA MAGAZINE, FORTNIGHT MAGAZINE, THE IRISH NEWS, ARTSLINK & THE AVENUE publications. Arts Facilitator for various organisations including Sticky Fingers, Wheelworks, Play Resource Warehouse, Young at Art, Beat Initiative, Ormeau Baths Gallery, Cooperation Ireland and Local Councils throughout the country.

Colin McGookin’s art has developed steadily since graduating from Belfast College of Art in 1981. His first professionally exhibited paintings were paper collages and cloth banners shown in the Douglas Hyde Gallery Dublin from 1978-1981 and since then he has been extensively exhibited all over the world winning prizes including 1st Prize Claremorris Open and the Conor Prize Royal Ulster Academy with his work receiving positive critical acclaim. Professor Liam Kelly of the University of Ulster and past Director of the Orchard Gallery Derry said in his book ‘Thinking Long’ “There is a relentless quest for the interrelations of man and woman in nature in Colin McGookin’s highly referential paintings. There is a thinking long, a longing to return to the ‘indivisible ground of creation’. ”Dr Anthony Buckley of the Ulster Folk Museum said in his catalogue essay to McGookins 1991 exhibition ‘From Tradition into the Light “McGookin’s mythologies point most obviously to the life cycle, to the cyclical physiological processes of birth, sexuality and death, and once again to birth. These he uses in turn to evoke the cognitive, emotional and social awakening of the child as he grows into a man. These mythologies of universal processes also take on a Northern Irish flavor. Thus the awakening and enlightenment are portrayed as growing from the parochial mythologies of a traditional loyalist past. What is left unclear and deliberately unresolved in these paintings is the question of whether, once this growth has occurred, a person must once more return to his parochial and local roots. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust.The artist’s apprehension here is one he shares with his liberal contemporaries in Northern Ireland. There are many Northern Irish people – especially those in the middle-classes – who would grow out of the ‘sectarianism’ of their ethnic roots. Yet many of these simultaneously have loyalties – not least family ties – which bind them to their ethnic past. McGookin’s pictures therefore stand as a metaphor for those people who would like to live in the bright cosmopolitan light of a future world but who find they cannot entirely relinquish their loyalty to family, to ethnicity and to the past.McGookin’s vision, then, is one not quite of tragedy nor yet of hope. His pictures bridge the past and the future, the old and the new, the parochial and the universal, the familiar and the exotic, the forces of destruction and those of creation. They suggest this through a mythology at once both sexual and religious which evokes both a hopeful, creative sense of progress, and a tragic zoetropical eternal return. In this cycle of life, one may aspire to an ecstatic union with the exotic and the universal, but there is a real possibility that one will return to the particularity of one’s origins, a clay which, for an Ulsterman, has a singularly tragic taint.”



2009 'MONEY TREES' Solas Gallery, Ballinamore
'AUTUMNAL' Belfast Hospice & Belfast City Hospital
'PARALLAX 1977 - 2007', Higher Bridges Gallery Enniskillen
'THE DIVINE COMEDY', with Clayton Campbell, Engine Room Gallery, Belfast
& Higher Bridges Gallery Enniskillen
& St Patricks Trian Armagh
2004 'THE SILK ROAD SITUATION', Mai's Gallery, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
'THE LABYRINTH TREE', The Space Gallery, Share Centre, Lisnaskea
'THE DIVINE WIND', Ards Arts Centre, Newtownards
'THE GOLDEN SUNRISE', The Engine Room Gallery, Belfast
`THE LABYRINTHINE SYMBOLS', The Moon Gallery Georgia U.S.A.
'STEALTH FLIGHT', The Studios Gallery, Belfast
ENCLOSED SPACES’, The Engine Room Gallery, Belfast
1998 `THE SILK ROAD SERIES', Limavady Borough Council
& Flowerfield Arts Centre Portstewart
`BOXES', Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast
1997 `THE MAZE WHIRLPOOL', Harmony Hill Arts Centre Lisburn
& Clotworthy Arts Centre Antrim
& 18th Street Arts Complex Santa Monica U.S.A.
`PORTABLE HISTORIES', The Moon Gallery Georgia U.S.A.
1994 `THE DISTANT WOODWORKS', Peacock Gallery Craigavon
1993 `THE DISTANT WOODWORKS', Flowerfield Arts Centre Portstewart
& Harmony Hill Arts Centre Lisburn
1992 `FROM TRADITION INTO THE LIGHT', Garter Lane Arts Centre Waterford
`DIVIDED SOCIETY', Maclaurin Art Gallery Ayr
`NO ACCESS', Corry Architectural Centre & Fashion Design Centre Belfast
1991 `FROM TRADITION INTO THE LIGHT', Project Arts Centre Dublin
& Drogheda Arts Centre
& Dundalk Arts Centre
& Harmony Hill Arts Centre
1989 `COLLABORATORS', Arts Council Gallery Belfast
National Poetry Society London
`COLLECTIVE IMAGES', Flowerfield Arts Centre, Portstewart
1988 `RECENT WORK', Peacock Gallery, Craigavon
`PAINTINGS', Harmony Hill Arts Centre, Lisburn
1987 `DRAWINGS', Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast
`PAINTINGS', Newry and Mourne Arts Centre, Newry
1985 `KSIASKI-BOOKS', Galeria Rysunka, Poznan, Poland
`ILLUMINATED', Corridor Gallery, Lurgan
1984 `THE HOLISTIC BLUES', Queens University Common Room, Belfast
`BANN-FLAGS', Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast


'PAINTING ON HOUSEHOLD OBJECTS', Higher Bridges Gallery, Enniskillen
ROYAL ULSTER ACADEMY, Ulster Museum, Belfast
'ROYAL ULSTER ACADEMY', Ulster Museum Belfast
'BOYLE ARTS FESTIVAL', Boyle, Roscommon
'ICE ART' Bankside Gallery, London
'ROYAL ULSTER ACADEMY', Old Northern Bank Building, Belfast
'ROYAL ULSTER ACADEMY', Titanic Drawing Offices, Belfast
'Wish You Were Here: Postcards From an Unknown Artist' Naughton Gallery at Queens University Belfast
'The Reek View Bar' Westport Arts Festival
'1ft x 1ft', Higher Bridges Gallery, Enniskillen
'ROYAL ULSTER ACADEMY', Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast
, Derry
'ROYAL ULSTER ACADEMY', Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast
'BOYLE ARTS FESTIVAL', Boyle, Roscommon
'ARTCARD', Sharjah Art Museum, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
'ROYAL ULSTER ACADEMY’, Ulster Museum, Belfast
'BOYLE ARTS FESTIVAL', Boyle, Roscommon
'ACROSS BOUNDARIES', Down Arts Centre, Downpatrick
'SEEING ORANGE', Millennium Court Arts Centre, Portadown
'THE OTHER PLACE', Queens University Belfast
'ROYAL ULSTER ACADEMY’, Ulster Museum, Belfast
'ENCOMPASS', Ardgillan Castle, Balbriggan
‘DRAWING CONCLUSIONS’, Waterfront Hall, Belfast
'REFINED VIEWS', Tile Refinery Gallery, Belfast
'TRUST IN ART', Hillsborough Castle, Hillsborough
'ROYAL ULSTER ACADEMY’, Ulster Museum, Belfast
'COE 2003' Town Hall Claremorris
'REVEALING OBJECTS', Naughton Gallery, Queens University Belfast
'THE PUBLIC EYE' City Arts Centre, Edinburgh
'MY SPACE' Old Museum Arts Centre Belfast & Burnavon Arts Centre Cookstown & NICEM Belfast
'NOREEN O'HARE TRIBUTE', Crescent Arts Centre Belfast
2002 `GREENGRASS BLUEGRASS NEWGRASS’ Artopia, Louisville, Kentucky USA
' ROYAL ULSTER ACADEMY’, Ulster Museum, Belfast
2001 `GREEN GRASS / BLUE GRASS', Zephyr Gallery, Louisville, Kentucky U.S.A.
`SHAMROCKS & SIXGUNS’ Alexander Hogue Gallery, Tulsa, Arizona USA
`HIDDEN LIVES - PRIVATE VISIONS' , Barrick Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada USA
'SMALL ISLANDS, BIG IDEAS', Irish Arts Centre, New York USA
2000 `GEORGIA ON OUR MINDS', The Moon Gallery Georgia U.S.A.
`OPEN WATER', San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Claudia Chapline Gallery & Gallery Route One, California U.S.A.
`MILLENNIUM SHOW', The Engine Room Gallery, Belfast
`DEFINING THE TIMES’, Milton Keynes Gallery, London
`INAUGURAL’, The Studios Gallery, Belfast
`WALKING HISTORY’, The Studios Gallery, Belfast
`P.S.’, The Engine Room Gallery, Belfast
1999 `PERSPECTIVE', Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast
`GLIMPSE', Bank of Ireland, Belfast
& Clotworthy Arts Centre, Antrim
& Flowerfield Arts Centre, Portstewart
`VIEWS FROM AN AERIE', Castlereagh Arts Festival, Belfast
& St. Patricks Trian, Armagh
ROYAL ULSTER ACADEMY, Ulster Museum, Belfast
`EXPLORING NEGATIVITY', Queen Street Studios, Belfast
& Bank of Ireland, Belfast
& Harmony Hill Arts Centre, Lisburn
1998 `ARTISTS CHOICE' , RHA Gallagher Gallery Dublin
`VIEWS FROM AN AERIE' Queen Street Studios Gallery, Belfast
& Flowerfield Arts Centre, Portstewart
1997 `ART BEYOND CONFLICT', The Moon Gallery Georgia U.S.A.
& Ellipse Arts Centre Arlington U.S.A.
& Fassbinder Gallery Chicago U.S.A.
& Seigal Gallery Bethlehem U.S.A.
& Fenderesky Gallery Belfast
& Crawford Municipal Gallery Cork
& De Zeyp Brussels
& Cultureel Centrium Leopoldsburg
& Cultureel Centrium Tielt
& Kulturhus Stavanger
`GATEWAY TO ART', Dublin Airport
`ROYAL ULSTER ACADEMY', Ulster Museum Belfast
`CLAREMORRIS OPEN', Town Hall Claremorris
`CRUELTY', Fenderesky Gallery Belfast
`NOBODY'S CHILDREN' Mostar Arts Centre Bosnia
`PAINTING ON HOUSEHOLD OBJECTS', Fenderesky Gallery Belfast
`ARTISTS FOR PEACE SAKE’, Barrick Museum, University of Nevada Las Vegas USA
1996 `GATEWAY TO ART', Dublin Airport
& Belltable Arts Centre Limerick
& Old Museum Arts Centre Belfast
`SMALL WORKS ON PAPER', Libreria "Andre'a", Zacatecas, Mexico
& Tullycarnet Library Belfast
`ROYAL ULSTER ACADEMY', Ulster Museum Belfast
`CLAREMORRIS OPEN', Town Hall Claremorris
1995 `WORKS ON PAPER', Drogheda Arts Centre
`BOYLE ARTS FESTIVAL', Boyle Arts Centre
`ROYAL ULSTER ACADEMY', Ulster Museum Belfast
`CLAREMORRIS OPEN', Town Hall Claremorris
1994 `DETERMINED MATERIAL FOUNDATIONS', Fenderesky Gallery Belfast
`BEYOND THE PARTITIONS', Various venues in U.K. & Ireland
`INSIDE OUT', Various venues in Ireland
`MATERNITY', R.H.A. Gallery Dublin
`HIT AND RUN', Wilmont House Belfast
`CEASE-FIRE: REFLECTIONS OF CONFLICT', Wolverhampton Art Gallery & Museum, England
`SMALL WORLD-SMALL WORKS', Galerie+Edition CAOC, Berlin, Germany
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1993 `EUROPES LANDSCAPES', Espace Culturel, Albert, France
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`ROYAL ULSTER ACADEMY', Queens University Belfast
`WORKSHOPS EXHIBITION', Belfast Print Workshop
1992 `THE IMIGRANT IRISH', Central Library Derry
`WORKSHOP EXHIBITION', Belfast Print Workshop
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`IN A STATE', Killmainham Jail Museum Dublin
`ROYAL ULSTER ACADEMY', Queens University Belfast
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`FLIGHT', Flowerfield Arts Centre Portstewart
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`BIG DAY', Tyrone Guthrie Centre Annaghmakerrig
1990 `LIVING LANDSCAPE', Skibbereen Arts Centre
& Arts Council Gallery Belfast
`CLAREMORRIS OPEN', Town Hall Claremorris
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1989 `CLAREMORRIS OPEN', Town Hall Claremorris
`ROYAL ULSTER ACADEMY', Queens University Belfast
1988 `IMPRESSIONS', Spanish Arch Gallery Galway
`GENERAL HUMBERT SUMMER SCHOOL', National Institute Killalla
`THE NEW NORTH', Corridor Gallery Lurgan
`PEOPLE AT WORK', Various art centres Ireland
`SUMMER SHOW',Fenderesky Gallery Belfast
`WINTER SHOW', Fenderesky Gallery Belfast
1987 `DIRECTIONS OUT', Douglas Hyde Gallery Dublin
`STUDIO EXCHANGE', National Institute Limerick
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& Royal Institute of Architects Edinburgh
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2001 Travel Bursary, The British Council
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